Michel Stuart


Michel Stuart, a former Broadway dancer who later gained prominence as a costume designer and theatrical producer, died Sept. 7 in an automobile accident in Malibu. He was 54.

Joel Loy


Joel Loy, an award-winning senior correspondent for "Inside Edition" who had been with the show since 1989, died Saturday in Rochester, N.Y. after a long illness. He was 50.


Ray Heatherton


Ray Heatherton, a former big band singer and Broadway performer who starred with his daughter Joey Heatherton in a network summer variety series, died Aug. 15 of Alzheimer's disease at the Actors'…

Short Takes


Pittard Sullivan CEO Billy Pittard will deliver the keynote address for the weeklong Digital Video Conference at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Burbank Hilton Convention Center. Info: (213) 962-8203. * * *…



Tina Vennegaard and Steve Caplan, Sept. 2, Copenhagen, Denmark. Bride’s VP of corporate entertainment for Bender, Goldman & Helper; groom’s an independent public affairs consultant. * * * Pirie…

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