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Helmer Fuller dies at 86


Sam Fuller, iconoclastic director of low-budget films and a cult favorite for 40 years, died Oct. 30 of natural causes at his home in the Hollywood Hills. Fuller, who lived in France until recently…



Barbara Ullom and Jay Galbo, July 19, Chatsworth. Bride’s post-production supervisor for Warner Bros.; groom’s member of Set Lighting Local 728.

Brown Meggs


Brown Meggs, author and former chief executive officer of Capitol Records who signed the Beatles to the label in 1963 for American distribution of their recordings, died Oct. 8 at his home in San…

Fox Kids gets its man


After eight days of poring over contract legalities and sorting out issues stemming from Rich Cronin's vituperative ouster last week from MTV Networks, Fox was finally able on Thursday to confirm its…

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