Georg Solti


Georg Solti, the Hungarian-born conductor who led the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to international fame as its music director for more than 20 years, has died. He was 84.


Epic taps Anthony prez


Sony Music is expected to announce today that 550 Records prexy Polly Anthony will add the title of president of Epic Records to her already impressive resume. Anthony had inked a new multi-year…



Holly Leff and Barry Pressman, Aug. 24, Studio City. Bride's VP of worldwide Pay-Per-View for Universal Studios; groom's non-pro * * * Susan Cleary and Scott Warren Vyduna, Aug. 30, Santa Barbara…

Thelma (Toni) Kelman


Thelma (Toni) Kelman, one of the top children's agents in Hollywood for many years, died Sept. 4 of lung cancer at the La Costa home of her daughter, Sandra Kelman Mirisch. She was 72.

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