Anna and Michael Fleming, a girl, Jamie Nicole, Oct. 27, Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, N.Y. Mother’s non-pro; father’s a columnist with Daily Variety and Variety. * * * Heather Hartt and…


Ruth Storey


Ruth Storey, a former actress who appeared in such films as "Bells Are Ringing" and "In Cold Blood" and who was once married to the late actor Richard Conte, died Aug. 23 of cancer at Cedars-Sinai…



Erin Renee Moone and Rene M. Rigal, Aug. 31, Napa Valley. Bride’s an assistant for DreamWorks Television; groom’s an actor. * * * Elizabeth Otis Brown and Erik William Filkorn, Aug. 31, Huntington…

Rose Selsman


Rose Selsman, the widow of veteran ASCAP songwriter Victor Selsman, who collaborated with several major songwriters including Milton Ager and James Van Heusen, died Sept. 3 of heart failure at…

Brown Meggs


Brown Meggs, author and former chief executive officer of Capitol Records who signed the Beatles to the label in 1963 for American distribution of their recordings, died Oct. 8 at his home in San…

Fox Kids gets its man


After eight days of poring over contract legalities and sorting out issues stemming from Rich Cronin's vituperative ouster last week from MTV Networks, Fox was finally able on Thursday to confirm its…

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