Eva Bartok


Eva Bartok, the Hungarian-born film actress of the 1950s and 1960s who was also well-known for her marriages and romances, died Aug. 1 at St. Charles' Hospital in London after being ill. She was 69…

Larry Rio


Vaudeville performer Larry Rio died July 26 of lung cancer in Thousand Oaks. He was 83. A Brooklyn native, Rio was a member of the original Rio Brothers Comedy Dance Troupe, along with brothers Ralph…

Manifesto destiny


Following the revelation that German commercials helmer Marcus Nispel personally wrote a 64-page "Manifesto" -- detailing all his likes and dislikes while shooting -- more Hollywood directors have…

J.A. “Tony” Ponce


J.A. “Tony” Ponce, a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., died July 14 of an undisclosed illness at his home in Los Angeles. He was 68. During his career, Ponce wrote for various publications…

Noel Behn


Noel Behn, a novelist, TV writer and theatrical producer who helped develop the Off Broadway theater movement, died July 20 in New York City of a heart attack following a lengthy battle with cancer…

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