Christopher Gable


Christopher Gable, a British ballet star who also had a successful acting career on stage and film, died of Oct. 23 of cancer in London. He was 58. The London-born dancer had a famous partnership in…


Paul Misraki


Composer Paul Misraki, author of more than 160 cinema soundtracks and a major influence behind the growth of swing in France, died late Thursday or early Friday in Paris after a long illness. He was…

Austen Jewell


Austen Jewell, a silent screen child actor who later served as a production manager for most of the Hollywood studios, died Sept. 24 of cancer in Vista, Calif. He was 83. Jewell got his start in…

Richard Dior


Richard Dior, an Oscar-winning sound engineer for “Apollo 13″ and more than 200 other features and TV shows, died Oct. 26 of a heart attack in Freehold Township, N.J. He was 51. Dior worked as a…

Bob Trow


Bob Trow, who portrayed Robert Troll, Bob Dog and himself for some 30 years on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” died Monday at age 72 of a heart attack at his home in New Alexandria, Pa. He taped…

Nancy Van Norman Baer


Nancy Van Norman Baer, a dancer and renowned curator of theater and dance at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, died Oct. 27 of cancer in San Francisco. She was 55. Her expertise on ballet and…

Sam Locke


Sam Locke, a longtime playwright who also penned episodes of “Gilligan’s Island” and “Green Acres,” died Sept. 18 of heart failure in San Diego. He was 81. A veteran of the Army Air Corps during…

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