Brats day out


Could there be higher praise for a film than that expressed for Par's "The Rugrats Movie" by a 7-year-old boy at Saturday's Mann's Chinese bow? "It was my third favorite movie ever, after 'Starship…

Blues lives lauded


The blues affects each person in a different way and when the music is being extolled, everyone has a distinct way of saying thank you. At the Blues Foundation's fourth annual Lifetime Achievement…


‘H’ is for hot


Brazil, the country that brought you the string bikini and the lambada, has come up with another novelty: televised S&M for minors. That's right: weekdays at 5.45 p.m., broadcaster Bandeirantes beams…

Sudsers celebration


Two of TV's most popular Gen-X hours, "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Party of Five," hosted back-to-back nights of celebratory shindigs last week commemorating milestone episodes for the two long-running…

Bob Kane


Bob Kane, the comic book artist and writer who created the mythic hero Batman for DC Comics while still in his teens, died Tuesday of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. He was 83. The writer…

Virginia Boolootian


Virginia Boolootian, mother of New Line Cinema’s VP of casting Valerie McCaffrey, died Oct. 28 in Studio City of cardiopulmonary arrest. She was 77. In addition to McCaffrey, daughter, Boolootian is…

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