Duny Cashion


Duny Cashion, an MGM-contract actor in the 1950s who later helped lead in the cosmetics and fashion fields, died Sept. 25 of a heart attack at his home in Palm Springs. He was 57. Cashion, who was…

Joseph Westheimer


Longtime cinematographer Joseph Westheimer, who operated his own Los Angeles-based special effects company for nearly 35 years, died Nov. 6 of complications from Alzheimer’s disease in Los Alamitos…


Arnold M. Auerbach


Arnold M. Auerbach, longtime comedy writer whose resume included Broadway, film, radio, TV and writing gags for Al Jolson, Frank Sinatra and Milton Berle, died Oct. 19 of natural causes in New York…

Jackson mulls bond sale


Pop star Michael Jackson is considering raising $100 million or more by selling bonds that would be backed by royalties on his and other music he owns, Newsweek reported Sunday.

Sidney Klein


Sidney Klein, father of singer-songwriter Carole King, died Nov. 10 of unreported causes in Lake Worth, Fla. He was 82. Klein, a retired New York City fire lieutenant, helped establish in the 1940s…

Brats day out


Could there be higher praise for a film than that expressed for Par's "The Rugrats Movie" by a 7-year-old boy at Saturday's Mann's Chinese bow? "It was my third favorite movie ever, after 'Starship…

Blues lives lauded


The blues affects each person in a different way and when the music is being extolled, everyone has a distinct way of saying thank you. At the Blues Foundation's fourth annual Lifetime Achievement…

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