Aaron Rosenzweig


Aaron Rosenzweig, a member of Musician's Local 47 for more than 60 years and father of producer Barney Rosenzweig, died June 21 of a heart attack at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. He was 81…

Louise M. Davies


Philanthropist Louise M. Davies, whose name graces San Francisco's symphony hall, died June 22 at a retirement home in San Francisco. She was 98. Along with her husband, Mrs. Davies contributed…

Alfred Palca


Alfred Palca, whose film about the Harlem Globetrotters became a favorite of basketball fans even after a McCarthy-era blacklisting forced him to remove his name from the credits, died June 19 of…


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Robert Sugalski


Robert Sugalski, a screenwriter who recently completed work with writing partner Michael Apostolina on “Planet Deb” for New Line Cinema, died May 22 of AIDS complications in Los Angeles. He was 38…

Gina Louise Bertoia


Gina Louise Bertoia, a photographer's assistant for the Bob Michaelson Photo Agency, died June 16 of congestive heart failure during surgery at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank. She was 25. She…

Oliver E. Treyz


Oliver E. Treyz, the colorful former president of ABC Television who in the late '50s brought ABC into a competitive standing with the much larger NBC and CBS, died June 14 after a long illness…

Virginia Guynes


Virginia Guynes, the mother of actress Demi Moore, died of cancer July 2 at her home in Farmington, N.M. She was 54. Guynes, who was born in New Mexico, had been suffering from cancer at least a year…

Leon M. Leon


Leon M. Leon, longtime sound engineer and magician, died June 15 of natural causes in Los Angeles. He was 95. A member of Local 695 and life member of the Magic Castle and Intl. Brotherhood of…

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