Richard Denning


Actor Richard Denning, who starred in the film “Creature From the Black Lagoon” and played the governor on the TV series “Hawaii Five-O,” died Oct. 11 of cardiac arrest at Palomar Medical Center in…

Pumping up Arnold


Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed Sunday that he'd been truly pumped for the evening's Moving Picture Ball of the American Cinematheque. The org's 13th honoree admitted he felt "great and embarrassed"…


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Joan Hickson


Joan Hickson, an actress best known for her television portrayal of the shrewd detective Miss Marple, died Saturday in London. She was 92. Hickson’s acting career began in 1927, but her biggest break…

Adrian Spies


Adrian Spies, an award-winning television writer for shows such as “Climax,” “Dr. Kildare” and “Star Trek,” died during heart surgery on Oct. 2 in Los Angeles. He was 78. Spies was a reporter and…

Frank Yankovic


Frank Yankovic, the Grammy-winning “polka king,” died Wednesday at his home in New Port Richey, a Gulf Coast town north of Tampa, Fla. He was 83. He suffered a fall recently and was briefly…

Mark Zarate


Mark Zarate, creative director and co-founder of the visual effects house Ring of Fire, died Sept. 18 at Midway Medical Center in Los Angeles due to post-operative complications following…

BAFTA honors Travolta


The sound of bagpipes floated through Beverly Hills on Thursday night as BAFTA-LA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts -- Los Angeles) honored John Travolta with its eighth annual Britannia…

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