Arnella Flynn


Arnella Flynn, daughter of the late film star Errol Flynn, was found dead Monday at the family's estate in Jamaica. She was 45. Portland Parish police said Tuesday that foul play was not suspected…

Ghost's film hopes


Is there something about Space Ghost that's caught Ben Stiller's eye? Maybe, but it's looking more like permanent midnight for a spec script being shopped around by the Space Ghost, the superhero…


'Things' sizzles at fest


Peter Berg's "Very Bad Things," already a very hot item at this year's Toronto Film Festival, got a helping nudge up the thermostat Saturday morning when it arrived at the Plaza 2 cineplex on Bloor…

Jerome Dempsey


Legit, television and film actor Jerome Dempsey, whose career spanned more than 40 years, died Aug. 27 in New York of natural causes. He was 69. Dempsey was featured in the original Broadway…

George Shdanoff


George Shdanoff, actor, director, writer and teacher, died Aug. 14 of natural causes at UCLA Medical Center. He was 92. Shdanoff was best known as an acting coach whose past students included Jack…

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