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Karen Hale Wookey


Karen Hale Wookey, a script supervisor for “All the President’s Men” and “Patriot Games,” died Sept. 9 in Los Angeles of heart failure. She was 74. Wookey, the daughter of actor Alan Hale Sr. and…

Arnold Jacobs


Arnold Jacobs, a tuba virtuoso who anchored the brass section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for more than four decades, died Oct. 7 at age 83 in Chicago. Besides playing tuba under numerous…

Harry Fox Jr.


Harry Fox Jr., president of music publisher Sam Fox Publishing Company Inc., died Nov. 20 in Santa Barbara of natural causes. He was 82. After graduating from Notre Dame U., Fox started working for…


William P. Gallagher


Longtime entertainment executive William P. Gallagher died Nov. 14 of congestive heart failure in Scranton, Pa. He was 77. He served as prexy of the Famous Music Corp. and MCA Music and was an…

Lonnie Pitchford


Lonnie Pitchford, a musician best known for his mastery of the one-stringed diddley bow in the traditional Delta blues style, died Nov. 8 in Clarksdale, Miss., of complications from pneumonia. He was…

Hope Cameron


Hope Cameron, who originated the role of Letta in Elia Kazan’s Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman,” died Nov. 20 of cancer at her home in New York City. She was 78. Cameron…

Valerie Hobson


Valerie Hobson, an elegant English film star who remained loyal to her husband, British Parliament member John Profumo, after he ignited a sex scandal that rocked Britain’s Conservative government in…

Room with generous view


On the sort of exquisitely sunny, smog-free morning that makes Los Angeles a glorious place to live, the Actors' Fund of America and the West Hollywood Community Housing Corp. dedicated a new…

Hal Davis


Radio broadcaster Hal Davis, a founder of British Columbia’s first radio network, died Nov. 1 of pancreatic cancer in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was 74. Davis began his broadcasting career in…

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