Arlene Colston


Arlene Colston, one-half of the Colstons brother-sister comedy dance duo, died Nov. 18 of lung cancer in New Mexico. She was 76. Colston grew up performing with her traveling vaudevillian family as…

Richard Paul


Funeral services will be held today for actor Richard Paul, who died Dec. 25 of cancer in Studio City. He was 58. During his 35-year career, his roles ranged from Shakespearean characters to the Rev…

David Manners


David Manners, handsome leading man of numerous early 1930s films who played Jonathan Harker in the Bela Lugosi version of “Dracula,” died Wednesday of natural causes at a retirement home in Santa…


Tim Kelly


Tim Kelly, a prolific playwright whose works included “Terror by Gaslight” and “The Butler Did It,” died Dec. 7 of a cerebral hemorrhage at his home in Laurel Canyon. He was 67. Kelly’s work includes…

Michelle Thomas


Actress Michelle Thomas died Dec. 22 of cancer at age 29 in Manhattan. She had recently received an NAACP Image Award nomination for actress in a daytime drama series. She appeared as Callie on the…

Myron Feigin


Myron Feigin, a longtime studio employee in accounting and operations departments, died Dec. 16 of a heart attack in the Los Angeles area. He was 66. Feigin began his career in the studio manager’s…

Adelaide Hawley Cumming


Adelaide Hawley Cumming, a broadcasting pioneer who reigned on television as kitchen queen Betty Crocker during the 1950s and early ’60s, died Monday in Bremerton, Wash. She was 93. Cumming fell ill…

Virginia Graham


Virginia Graham, popular hostess of TV talkshows in the 1950s to 1970s that are considered forerunners to today’s daytime television, died Tuesday of complications from a heart attack in New York…

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