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Binnie Barnes


Binnie Barnes, a British-born actress who appeared in dozens of Hollywood films during the 1930s and '40s, died of natural causes Monday at her home in Beverly Hills. She was 95. Barnes, born in…

Peggy Fenneman


Peggy Fenneman, widow of George Fenneman, the radio and TV announcer who was popular as Groucho Marx's sidekick on “You Bet Your Life,” died of cancer July 15 at her home in Los Angeles. She was 80…

O'Landa Draper


Gospel singer O'Landa Draper died July 21 of kidney failure at the Meherry Medical College hospital in Nashville. He was 34. The latest CD from Draper's group O'Landa Draper & the Associates…


Paul West


Paul West, a television and radio writer whose credits include “Father Knows Best” and “My Three Sons,” died June 15 in his home in San Anselmo, Calif., after a bout with pneumonia. He was 86. One of…

Jerome Bixby


Science-fiction writer Jerome “Jay Lewis” Bixby, whose screen work included “Fantastic Voyage,” one of the stories for “Twilight Zone — The Movie” and the original screenplay for the cult classic…

Hugh Reilly


Hugh Reilly, veteran TV and legit actor who played the husband of June Lockhart on the series “Lassie,” died July 17 of emphysema at his home in Burbank. He was 82. The “Lassie” series, which aired…

Harry Blake


Makeup artist Harry Blake, who headed the NBC makeup department for 20 years, died July 16 of kidney failure at his son's home in Northridge. He was 78. During his 40-year career, Blake applied his…

William D. Tasker Jr.


William D. Tasker Jr., composer for scores of films, TV programs and commercials, died May 13 in Santa Monica of a heart condition. He was 54. Tasker worked on a number of films and television shows…

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