A 'Night' to be cool


The Butabi brothers -- aka Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan -- finally scored some hotties when Paramount Pictures premiered its "A Night at the Roxbury" Thursday night at the Gotham Theater.


Afterlife 'Dreams'


The audience's first laugh at Monday's premiere of Polygram Films' "What Dreams May Come" didn't come from on-screen dialogue. It came live from Cuba Gooding Jr. entering the Motion Picture Academy's…

Runnin' after 'Ronin'


After a couple of hours of watching the stunning European car chases, gunfights and self-directed abdominal surgery in UA's "Ronin," 800 guests drove over from the Academy's theater in Hollywood to…

An antenna for 'Antz'


DreamWorks' "Antz," which one guest described as "an interesting mix of 'Deconstructing Harry' and 'Starship Troopers,' " had its industry screening in Westwood on Thursday with such biz heavyweights…

Leonid Kinskey


Leonid Kinskey, a stylish Russian-born character actor of the 1930s and 1940s who is perhaps best remembered as Sascha the bartender in “Casablanca,” died Sept. 9 of complications from a stroke in…

Mary Frann


Actress Mary Frann, who played Bob Newhart's television wife on the hit series “Newhart,” died in her sleep Wednesday at her Los Angeles home. She was 55. According to publicist Jeffrey Lane, the…

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