Tandem Team


Movie history is dotted with great director-composer partnerships: Fellini and Nino Rota, Truffaut and Georges Delerue, Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann. Most contemporary directors like to shop…


Tunes for toons


Technology has so altered the animation landscape that it would be unrecognizable to anyone who worked in the classic Disney era. But as opposed to the classic animator, whose tools include pen and…

Power of pop


With the depth and diversity of the music, penned by some of the music industry's most successful creative talents, there's likely to be much hand-wringing by Oscar voters this season as they decide…

Le Divorce


Once upon a time, having a score thrown out was news (as when Bernard Herrmann was fired by Alfred Hitchcock on "Torn Curtain" or Randy Newman's music from "Air Force One"). Now scores are tossed at…

Music docs rock


Although Rob Reiner's "This Is Spinal Tap" was conceived as a parody of the world of rock 'n' roll, three current music docs -- "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster," "End of the Century" and "Dig!"…

Music matters


The VH1 Save the Music Foundation will donate nearly $3 million in new musical instruments to 31 public school districts this fall with the help of cable affiliate partners and instrument…

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