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Tune pirates on run


The RIAA's lawsuits against digital pirates have led a to a decrease in the number of people illegally trading music online -- but they are pushing the most dedicated downloaders onto new…

Review: ‘Kid Rock’


Kid Rock's newest Atlantic album (titled, simply, "Kid Rock") finds the Detroit musician behaving much more seriously then his reputation would have you believe. It's almost a relief, then, that his…

Review: ‘David Bowie’


David Bowie's fifth L.A. perf in three months was a bit of a puzzler. For every positive note, something else nagged -- his voice was gorgeous and powerful, but too much of the material was subpar…

Review: ‘Morrissey’


It's rare when a single moment from a concert perfectly encapsulates a performer, but one occurred during the opening show of Morrissey's five-night stand at L.A.'s Wiltern. To be granted access to…

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