Pop tarts up charts


Volume 16 of the contempo hits collection "Now That's What I Call Music" took the top spot in the nation's album sales chart for the period ended Sunday, selling 504,000 copies in its debut session.

Review: ‘The Hives’


"You stopped applauding," Hives singer Howlin' Pelle Almqvist told the crowd at the Henry Fonda Theater. "Did I tell you to stop applauding? How can I tell that Los Angeles loves the Hives?" That's…

Review: ‘The Format’


The Format perform a style of pop music that radio has seemingly given up for dead. The music of Nate Reuss and Same Means is accessible and catchy -- a throwback of sorts to 1970s bands that…

Review: ‘Al Green’


Last year, with the release of "I Can't Stop," Al Green recaptured his crown as the king of Memphis soul, demonstrating that his smooth Southern brew never goes out of style. Known for giving shows…

Review: ‘Mame’


"Mame" at the Hollywood Bowl got off to an unsteady start. Shaky, out-of-tune vocals, awkward interaction between characters, and sure-fire lines that fail to get laughs almost sank the enterprise…

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