Highs & lows of Live 8


Saturday's Live 8 concerts went out globally on more than 140 TV stations, making them available to around 85% of the world's population. But how well they did in the ratings depends on the choice of…


Review: 'Billy Idol'


Probably all you really need to know about Billy Idol is this: When he refers to his "body of work," he's really talking about the work it takes to get his body. No, really. As the one-time punk…

Review: 'Live 8'


At Live Aid 20 years ago, U2 gave a magnanimous perf that catapulted them to the front of a new generation of rock bands. It was a riveting 20 minutes that ended with the Irish band being unplugged…

'X&Y' fixed in first


As the bestselling albums see sales slide, Coldplay's "X&Y" (Capitol) held on to the No. 1 slot despite a 42% sales dip from last week. Disc remained in the top spot for the third week in a row…

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