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RIAA's got burning desire


The digital equivalent of homemade tapes are the next target of the RIAA. After asserting that the RIAA's educational and lawsuit strategies were working to stall the illegal downloading of music…


Radio turns up Jack


The future of radio sounds a lot like the past. On Los Angeles' KCBS-FM -- now known as "93.1 Jack FM" -- AC/DC blends into the Police, followed by the B-52s and a disco track by Kool and the Gang.

The sound of choice


Believing music consumers crave the interaction and social experience of shopping at brick-and-mortar retail, NARM prexy Jim Donio will push for a "heightening of that experience for the consumer"…

Hotel Cafe hitting the road


The Hotel Cafe, the intimate venue for singer-songwriters on Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles, is launching its first national tour. Tour begins in Portland, Maine, in September and will feature a…

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