TV fine-tunes disc sales


What once was considered selling out for musical acts is now just considered good business. Even the most credibility-minded musicians are appearing on TV shows "The O.C.," "Las Vegas" and "Gilmore…

Star light


February 2004 was a bonanza month at musicstores: the week of Valentine's Day posted a sales record; Norah Jones sold a million copies of "Feels Like Home" in five days; the Grammys delivered a nice…

Bound for glory


Pierre Cossette will be making Sunday's Grammy Awards his finale as he heads off to develop a Broadway tuner about Woody Guthrie. It will be his 35th time overseeing the kudofest, which he says is…

Doing it Pat’s ‘Way’


It's a rare year that guitarist Pat Metheny isn't nominated for a Grammy. The prolific recording-and-touring performer has won 16 trophies, the most of any jazz artist, and has been nominated 29…

Tunefest to TV?


Now in its 10th edition, the MusiCares person of the year dinner has never been televised despite bringing together some of the music world's biggest stars performing legendary music. That might…

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