3 ‘Idol’ threats


The potency of the "American Idol" franchise is on display this week, as the arrival of Bo Bice's debut at No. 4 means albums from three finalists are sitting pretty in the top 10. Bice sold 227,000…

WEA unit cues up reorg


WEA Corp., Warner Music Group's sales and distribution company, has been reorganized with "a more cohesive management structure," according to WEA chief exec-prexy John Esposito. WEA will be divided…

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Comcast, Bon Jovi duet


Comcast has signed a deal with Jon Bon Jovi to give its subscribers hours of behind-the-scenes footage filmed during his concert tour. The footage won't show up on a conventional 24/7 cable network…

Crackerjack deal at BMG


Sony BMG has pacted with Australian production company Crackerjack to form the basis of the music conglom's TV production shingle. Deal, which follows a joint venture pact signed with Crackerjack's…

B’way pops its top


When "Monty Python's Spamalot" debuted on Broadway last spring, the Lady of the Lake, in her act two show-stopper "Diva's Lament," complained: "I am sick of my career/Always starting second gear…

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