Jefferson takes on Jacko


In New York: "Michael Jackson speaks to and for the monstrous child in us all." So goes the summation by Pulitzer Prize winner Margo Jefferson in her relatively short but effective treatise about the…

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Northern exposure


A new poll sponsored by the Canadian recording industry shows 91% of Canadians believe the work of musicians, artists, composers and authors should be protected by copyright to ensure they get paid…

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Pols give P2P a pass


Free peer-to-peer sharing of music and movies on the Internet could become legal in Gaul in the wake of an early-morning vote Thursday that followed heated debate. The amendment is attached to a…

Lauper’s B’way bow


Cyndi Lauper will make her Broadway debut in the Roundabout Theater Company's new musical production of "The Threepenny Opera." Lauper, who will play Jenny, will be replacing Edie Falco, who was…

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