Radio turns up Jack


The future of radio sounds a lot like the past. On Los Angeles' KCBS-FM -- now known as "93.1 Jack FM" -- AC/DC blends into the Police, followed by the B-52s and a disco track by Kool and the Gang.

The sound of choice


Believing music consumers crave the interaction and social experience of shopping at brick-and-mortar retail, NARM prexy Jim Donio will push for a "heightening of that experience for the consumer"…

Hotel Cafe hitting the road


The Hotel Cafe, the intimate venue for singer-songwriters on Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles, is launching its first national tour. Tour begins in Portland, Maine, in September and will feature a…

Review: ‘Jack Johnson’


Surfing guitarist-singer Jack Johnson fills an intriguing niche that few diskeries have tapped into. His audience is clean-cut, college-age, white and attractive, in love with the beach and weed and…

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