Highs & lows of Live 8


Saturday's Live 8 concerts went out globally on more than 140 TV stations, making them available to around 85% of the world's population. But how well they did in the ratings depends on the choice of…

Review: ‘Live 8’


At Live Aid 20 years ago, U2 gave a magnanimous perf that catapulted them to the front of a new generation of rock bands. It was a riveting 20 minutes that ended with the Irish band being unplugged…

‘X&Y’ fixed in first


As the bestselling albums see sales slide, Coldplay's "X&Y" (Capitol) held on to the No. 1 slot despite a 42% sales dip from last week. Disc remained in the top spot for the third week in a row…

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RIAA files more suits


Despite Monday's Supreme Court decision allowing copyright holders to sue peer-to-peer services wholesale, the recording industry launched yet another round of litigation against individual…

BMG music sings BBC tune


BMG Music Publishing has acquired BBC Worldwide's existing music publishing interests, which include music from productions such as "Teletubbies," "The Tweenies," "Walking With Dinosaurs" and "The…

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