Music: kick in the apse


Call it a Hail Mary effort. With piracy accounting for 25% of Italy's music market, the country's recording industry copyright society has stepped up efforts to collect royalties from businesses and…

Mates lose key to Doors


The Doors, no matter what appendage is used on the rock band's name, have been shut. Los Angeles Superior Court judge Gregory Alarcon ruled Thursday that Doors founders Ray Manzarek and Robbie…

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Legal downloads rising


Legal online music still trails far behind piracy, but record companies are latching onto the relatively good news that iTunes and its ilk are growing faster than the illegal competition.

Rock’s rolling away


After weeks of rock domination, rap and R&B have reclaimed the top region of the nation's album sales chart. Boosted by sturdy debuts from Slim Thug and Bow Wow, hip-hop acts fill six of the top nine…

A push for parents


The entertainment industry will today announce a campaign to promote a Web site advocating parental responsibility as the main line of defense against children's exposure to inappropriate material.

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