EverGreen grows global


Music industry veterans Joel Katz, David Schulhof and Richard Perna have created a full-service global music publishing company, EverGreen Copyright Acquisitions, by purchasing six catalogs…

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Sony sings ‘Reggaeton’


Sony BMG Film’s first feature pic will be “Reggaeton,” based on an original screenplay by Albert Leon and to be produced in partnership with Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Prods. “Reggaeton” will be shot…

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EMI logs promotion


Thomas V. Ryan has been promoted to oversee mobile and digital strategy and development worldwide for EMI Music. Ryan will focus on developing strategies for expanding the company's digital and…

Review: ‘Dion’


More than any of his 1950s-vintage peers, Dion DiMucci has consistently reinvented himself, bypassing the ever-dwindling oldies circuit in favor of forays into roots-rock, gospel and -- on his…

Review: ‘O.A.R.’


As a warm-up to a 17-show tour in February, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) made a large-scale debut at Madison Square Garden, where this former Ohio State U. frat band drew a full house of screaming teens…

Blige takes on top spot


Mary J. Blige and Jamie Foxx flip-flopped in the top two slots on the nation's album sales chart in a week that saw few debuts. Blige's "Breakthrough" (Geffen), which debuted at No. 1 in the…

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