Burning bridges in Prague


First it was European Christians offended by her crucifix stage effects. Now, a planned Sept. 9 soiree in Prague has been canceled as another Madonna perf was caught up in a political tussle over…


KT Tunstall


As much as KT Tunstall has been part of the musical fabric of 2006 in America, she received a considerable head start across the Atlantic.

Jamie King


Wherever there is a pop diva performing, chances are Jamie King is backstage. A choreographer by trade, King has become the go-to guy for many artists including Madonna, Christina Aguilera and…

Pimp my demo


Social networking Web site has become so ingrained in the fabric of today's wired generation that it wouldn't be an understatement to refer to its coveted networking demo -- roughly 16-34…



True to the group's unceasingly iconoclastic bent, Radiohead has once again rewritten the rules, having recently completed a triumphant tour with material it has yet to release, for a label that has…

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