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‘Idol’s’ dating game


The RCA Music Group apparently has decided the "American Idol" contestants are not finished with their competition. Nov. 14 has been set as the release date for debut albums of "AI5" winner Taylor…

Live Nation nabs Fogel


Arthur Fogel has been named chairman of global music at Live Nation, the country's largest concert promoter. Fogel, who inked a long-term contract that extends beyond 2010, will retain his title as…

Review: ‘Ray Davies’


No matter how one views Ray Davies, he is often being sold short. As a songwriter, his voice is as distinctive as any in rock history and his musical source points are about as un-rock 'n' roll as…

Cash checks back in


Nearly three years after his death, Johnny Cash is back at No. 1 for the first time in 37 years. "American V: A Hundred Highways," a collection of recordings made immediately after he finished…

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