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Yoko no-no


To many diehard Beatle fans and critics, Yoko Ono is the "dragon lady" of rock. So it wasn't surprising last week that Ono put the kibosh on a public screening of "Three Days in the Life," a doc…

Review: 'Kurt Elling'


Jazz singer Kurt Elling has taken the brazen step of composing lyrics to fit Dexter Gordon's solo on his 1976 version of "Body and Soul." The lyric wisely mentions that the experiment could be a…

Review: 'Charlie Louvin'


At 80, Charlie Louvin is one of country music's most enduring statesmen. Although he's had limited commercial success since the 1965 death of his brother Ira -- with whom he had a slew of gospel and…

Classic albums celebrated


Brian Wilson sang three songs from the Beach Boys' classic album "Pet Sounds" Wednesday morning at Capitol Records to kick off a retail campaign to get CD buyers to fill in holes in their music…

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