Bono is out for justice


U2'S Bono is a brilliant talker and an inspiration. At a fabulous symposium put together by Time/Warner last week, he was asked what motivates him to do all that he does. He answered simply: "It's…

Radio dials FCC deal


The four major radio broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commission are putting the final touches on a payola settlement that will likely have many stations playing a different tune or two.

L.A. gets into musicals


Attempting to change the perception of Southern California and increase its cachet as a theater destination, the former chief of tuner revival series Reprise! Broadway's Best has created the Festival…

Bakker packs bags at MTV


The head of MTV Networks U.K. & Ireland is ankling after 20 years at the music station. Michiel Bakker's surprise news comes amid restructuring at the Viacom-owned company, which Thursday announced…

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