Iggy Pop, sommelier


High-end red wine and punk rock generally don't mix. Concert riders barely ask for anything beyond a bottle of reasonable quality vino. Sure there are rockers who enjoy a fine bottle. Tori Amos. Not…


Slacker gets a spin


Several top execs from companies that have faded in the digital music biz -- or didn't get much traction in the U.S. to begin with -- are trying again with a startup called Slacker.

Review: 'Jorge Drexler'


Sitting alone on a riser center-stage at Disney Hall, with just his guitar, some effects pedals and boxes and a music stand, Jorge Drexler didn't appear to be much different from the usual run of…

Review: 'Eric Clapton'


The 2005 Cream reunion was disappointingly short, only playing six dates in two cities, but it apparently inspired Eric Clapton to revisit other eras of his career. The tour that stopped at Staples…

Review: 'The Shins'


Despite an unabashed love of hooks, the Shins have never been ones to pander. The Portland, Ore., quartet gives fans just enough of what they want without compromising its offbeat vision; folk-pop…

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