Review: 'Ricky Martin'


What Ricky Martin offers up at this point in his long career is pure Las Vegas, 110 minutes of splashy, non-stop, choreographed entertainment. The tatted-up Puerto Rican native is every inch the…


Jazz legend Hill dies


Andrew Hill, the jazz pianist and composer heralded as the next Thelonious Monk in the early 1960s who created adventurous and groundbreaking music up until his death, died early Friday morning in…

Review: 'Norah Jones'


If any contemporary artist could write a textbook entry on how to maintain a successful career without appearing to be trying, it's Norah Jones. Having used her multi-platinum debut as a springboard…

Review: 'David Torn'


David Torn is one of the more difficult modern musicians to pigeonhole, what with his forays into ambient sounds, world jazz and electronic dissonance -- a combination that's kept him under the…

Don Ho, 72, singer


Crooner Don Ho, who entertained tourists for decades wearing raspberry-tinted sunglasses and singing the catchy signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," died Saturday morning of heart failure. He was 76.

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