Publishers suing XM


Music publishers are taking a swing at embattled XM Satellite Radio, filing an infringement suit against the satcaster that is almost identical to one filed last year by the major record labels.

Magical history tour


There's plenty of nostalgia to be had on the concert circuit this summer. The Eagles, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Smashing Pumpkins, the Who and Oz's the Saints have all reunited and will be playing…

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Monkeying with ‘West’


"Journey to the West," a ribald Chinese folk tale, heavy on Buddhism, kung fu and featuring a fighting Monkey King, is about to be turned into a 50-part skein by Chinese producer Zhang Jizhong, while…

Sorkin eyes Lips show


Aaron Sorkin seems to have added another legit project to his plate. Sorkin's theatrical rep said nothing was yet confirmed but that the parties involved are all interested in working together on the…

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