The “Biker Mice From Mars” soundtrack album, reported in a story Tuesday, will be released in February by Gasoline Alley Records, which is distributed by MCA.


Review: ‘Nirvana’


Nirvana has been credited with awakening a dormant rock 'n' roll market and inspiring a new subculture, fashion and musical category, grunge. But the band was not quite so inspiring this night at the…

Pop alternatives grow


Top 40 stations, radio's whipping boy for the past few years, experienced a significant resurgence in 1993 attributable in part to numbers. After scores of stations changed to country and adult…

Review: ‘Barbra Streisand’


Barbra Streisand can lend the proper panache to just about anything, from a presidential inauguration bash to a Brooklyn bris. On Friday she was given the unenviable task of ushering in the largest…

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