Review: 'Joni James'


In what's said to be her first Los Angeles appearance since a 1965 Coconut Grove date, pop songstress Joni James brought a whole lot of memories to an enthusiastic capacity audience at North…

Review: 'Elton John'


The piano of Elton John has been returned to the forefront of the British singer's nearly three-hour show, refreshing and rejuvenating the performer and his songs in an absolutely divine manner. John…


Review: 'Spearhead'


Presented inhouse. Band: Michael Franti, Trina Simmons, Le Le Jamison, Carl Young, David James, James Gray, Sub Commander Ras I Zulu. Reviewed Aug. 29, 1995. Michael Franti has taken the schools of…

Review: 'Steve Ross'


Promoted inhouse. Steve Ross (vocals, piano), with Putter Smith (bass). Opened, reviewed Aug. 23, 1995. Runs through Aug. 27. They call New York-based Steve Ross the "crown prince of cabaret" and…

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