Review: ‘John Fogerty’


John Fogerty (House of Blues; 1,000 capacity; $ 35) Presented inhouse. Band: Fogerty, Johnny Lee Schell, Kenny Aronoff, Bob Glaub, Michael Canipe. Opened and reviewed May 21, 1997; continues May 23…


Rubin reconsiders


Rick Rubin, who recently renegotiated the terms of his joint venture agreement with Warner Bros., may have changed his mind, and has been shopping a new deal to other labels.

Bowie inks EMI deal


EMI Music has struck a 15-year worldwide licensing deal with David Bowie for the singer's back catalog, a performance-related agreement that could pay as much as $2 million per year to Bowie for the…

Review: ‘Erasure’


Leave it to a veteran pop act like English dance band Erasure to remind us that despite some recent lackluster shows locally, techno music can work effectively and enjoyably in a large live setting…

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