Review: 'Pavement'


Pavement (Roxy; 400 capacity; $ 15) Presented by Goldenvoice. Band: Steve Malkmus, Steve West, Scott Kannberg, Mark Ibold, Bob Nastanovich. Reviewed Feb. 27, 1997. Stockton, Calif., indie kings…


Review: 'Shirley Horn'


Shirley Horn (Cinegrill; 105 seats; $ 20) Presented inhouse. Band: Steve Williams, Charles Abrams. Opened, reviewed Feb. 12, 1997; runs through Feb. 15. At the comfortable confluence of romance and…

Review: 'Boozoo Chavis'


Discovery's recent deal with the blues label Antone's challenges Discovery to develop an audience for the blues. In Boozoo Chavis, the 66-year-old button accordionist from Lake Charles, La., they…

Review: 'Arlo Guthrie'


Nearly 30 years since the release of "Alice's Restaurant" and just shy of his 50th birthday, Arlo Guthrie has matured into the leading edge (Pete Seeger excepted) of the still-vital "folk" tradition…

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