Review: ‘Cake’


Sacramento quintet Cake doesn't exactly follow pop convention. The band's members dress as if they live in the woods, they use a trumpet instead of keyboards and they inflect their quirky…

Review: ‘Lyle Lovett’


Add Lyle Lovett's name to the short list of performers (Doc Watson, David Grisman and Taj Mahal are at the top) who deliver top-notch concerts time and time again, all the while mining the various…

Puff tough at chart top


Puff Daddy, the alter ego of rap mogul Sean (Puffy) Combs, logged a second week at the top of the nation's album sales charts, with his Bad Boy/Arista disc "No Way Out" selling more than 185,500…

Pop’s Oasis of hype


John Lennon sparked outrage when he joked that his band was more popular than Jesus Christ. But if the hype surrounding the third album from Oasis is to be believed, then today's controversy is…

U dumps Death Row


With legal and financial troubles mounting and its chairman Marion (Suge) Knight in prison, Death Row Records has been put on life support by execs at Universal Music Group and Interscope Records.

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