Review: 'Pavement'


Juxtaposed against the blustery sounds and big egos of Hole and Cypress Hill on last year's Lollapalooza tour, Pavement's love for low-fidelity and introspection onstage seemed flat and small. What a…

Review: 'Run-Dmc'


Run and DMC cranked up their usual forceful shout-raps to a screech level, plowing through the classics "My Adidas,""Peter Piper" and an abridged "It's Like That," the group's debut single of 1983…


Review: 'Green Day'


Green Day hasn't sold as many copies of its current album, "Insomniac," as it did "Dookie," and its songs don't rule the airwaves the way they did. But the trio remain the head of the current punk…

Review: 'Ann Magnuson'


Assuming various characters as she sang, mimed and sometimes narrated the story of a Midwestern innocent gone Hollywood, Ann Magnuson imitated Ethel Merman, Eartha Kitt, an Ann-Margret-style sex…

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