Review: 'Benny Green'


The transfiguration of Benny Green continues. Once pegged and sold considerably short as Oscar Peterson's protege, the young pianist is working this week outside the trio format --- a first for L.A…

Review: 'Jonathan Richman'


Jonathan Richman (LunaPark; 225 capacity; $ 10) Presented inhouse. Band: Richman, Tommy Larkins. Reviewed April 2, 1996. Thankfully, some things never change. Jonathan Richman is again traveling…

Review: 'Morphine'


Morphine (El Rey Theater; 900 capacity; $ 15) Presented by Goldenvoice. Band: Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, Billy Conway. Reviewed March 29, 1997. Amplifier problems put the kibosh on any sustained…


Review: 'Hard Rock Live'


Hard Rock Live (Sun. (30), 8-9 p.m., VH1) Taped in New York by Robert Small Entertainment, VH1, Hard Rock Cafe, Pontiac and Warner Bros. Pay TV, Cable & Network Features. Executive producers, Robert…

Review: 'David Helfgott'


David Helfgott (L.A. Music Center; 3,201 seats; $ 55 top) Presented by Andrew Kay, Jim McPherson, Steven Baruch, Richard Frankel, Thomas Viertel and Marc Routh. Reviewed March 25, 1997. Program…

Review: 'Donovan'


Donovan (Henry Fonda Theater; 863 seats; $ 27.50) Promoted by Nederlander. Reviewed March 21, 1997. Those who remember Donovan as a sort of cosmic hippie bozo won't find anything to change their…

Review: 'Sheryl Crow'


"It's hard to make a stand," sings Sheryl Crow on her recent, self-produced sophomore A&M album, telling a provoking tale of soul-searching and survival. But the words also fit much of Crow's music…

Review: 'Blur'


Chalk it up to either the unresponsive L.A. crowd or the half-hearted effort from the band, but Blur's show Wednesday at the Palace was yet another example of wasted opportunity by the "other"…

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