Review: 'Erykah Badu'


Erykah Badu (House of Blues; 1,000 capacity; $ 22.50) Presented inhouse. Band: Badu, Joyce Strong, Karen Cox, Chonita Gilbert, Charles Bell, Hubert Eves, Norman Hurt. Opened and reviewed April 21…


Review: 'Dave Davies'


Dave Davies (LunaPark; 225 capacity; $ 10) Presented by Paul Rock and LunaPark. Band: Davies, Danny Magu, David Jenkins, Jim Laspesa, Andrew Sandoval. Reviewed April 21, 1997. Brother acts rarely…

Review: 'Morcheeba'


Morcheeba (El Rey Theatre; 900 capacity; $ 15) Presented by Goldenvoice/Philip Blaine. Band: Skye Edwards, Ross Godfrey, Paul Godfrey, Dominique Pipkin, Joe Cooper, Leigh Gordon. Reviewed April 19…

Review: 'Prince'


The unpronounceable symbol formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince (let's just call him Prince) may have been, as he put it, "a little under the weather" on Friday.

Review: 'That Dog'


That Dog (Viper Room; 300 capacity; $ 10) Presented inhouse. Band: Anna Waronker, Petra Haden, Rachel Haden, Tony Maxwell, Kenny Woods. Reviewed April 9 , 1997. That Dog's newest DGC release…

Review: 'Tony Bennett'


Tony Bennett (House of Blues; 700seats; $ 75) A concert to benefit UCLA's Child Violence Prevention and Intervention Program. Band: Bennett, Ralph Sharon, Clayton Cameron, Doug Richeson. Reviewed…

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