Review: 'Sharon McNight'


Once one of America's most popular singers, Sophie Tucker first recorded for Thomas Edison, and - though her last hit record was in 1937 - was still performing in the 1960s. She is now, for most, a…


Review: 'Bette Midler'


Bette Midler's performance Monday at the Universal Amphitheatre was part Vegas, part Catskills and part Broadway musical as the diminutive diva delivered a fast-paced presentation that showcased…

Review: 'Tool'


If ever a hard-rock band mastered the art of dramatic live presentation, surely it is L.A.'s Tool, whose tightly wound musical brooding and uncompromising sense of tension make for consistently…

Review: 'Metallica'


Presented by Avalon and KLOS. Band: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett , Jason Newsted. Reviewed Dec. 20, 1996. The death knell for heavy metal has been sounding for quite some time now, and a…

Review: 'Counting Crows'


Torture, it appears, is digestible so long as it has a beat. For better or worse, Counting Crows leader Adam Duritz has created a marketable identity that fits snugly between the Southern…

Review: 'Failure'


Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, Kellii Scott, Troy Van Leeuwen. Reviewed Dec. 16, 1996. On record, L.A.'s Failure is an intriguing power pop outfit whose experimental, spacey approach to guitar-based rock…

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