Review: ‘Rancid’


Bay Area punk rockers of the band Rancid have, since their debut album in 1993, attempted to distinguish their Clash-influenced sound with hard-hitting lyrics that recount with sometimes stunning…

Review: ‘Fastball’


Garage bands, by nature, play for the love of playing. The bands with the hit singles more than likely come from the bar tradition, where entertainment, holding an audience's attention and pop hooks…

Hill still at peak


"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," the solo bow from Fugees front woman Hill, was the bestselling album in the nation for the second consecutive week, according to sales data released Wednesday.

Review: ‘Carmen’


Critically beset for its relative neglect of the French repertory over its 12-year history, Peter Hemmings' L.A. Opera has attempted a grand jetee back into public reclame with back-to-back…

Zomba packs Korn


While many acts are just fortunate enough to nab a deal with one music publisher, hard rockers Korn find themselves in the enviable position of having pacts with two music publishers as a result of…

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