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Review: ‘Graham Parker’


Graham Parker's vast songbook is so chock-full of expert tunes that no matter what 10 or 12 songs he chooses to start with, he comes with a guarantee against disappointment. It's the middle section…

Review: ‘Hadda Brooks’


Film noir fans may know Hadda Brooks as the pianist who sang"I Hadn't Anyone Til You" to Humphrey Bogart in "In a Lonely Place." Come this fall, Brooks may well be known as the woman serenading Jack…

Review: ‘Morphine’


Rising far above the novelty of a band comprising a two-string bass player, saxophonist and drummer, Morphine has developed from a surprisingly strong unit into a unique force in modern rock music…

Review: ‘Tool’


Like the groundbreaking metal bands before them -- Led Zeppelin, Rush, early AC/DC -- L.A.'s Tool have harnessed a transcendental power that elevates them clearly above the genre's par.

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