Music synergy


TCI Music, whose musicvideo channel the Box has increased its number of cable homes to 20 million from 6 million in just two years, this year will relaunch the Web sites of the Box and digital audio…


Review: ‘Standing Stone’


Given the deluge of not-too-promising publicity that ushered in the Los Angeles premiere performance of "Standing Stone," a legitimate first question might be: is it as bad as one might have feared…

Asteroids rock


The soundtrack to "Armageddon" was the bestselling album in the nation for the second consecutive week, with more than 236,000 copies going home with consumers, according to sales data released…

Name that tune


Can't remember a song title, but know some of the words? The lyrically challenged can now locate their favorite song -- without those embarrassing encounters with teenage record store clerks who…

Oz opens CD import door


Prices of CDs may fall by up to 30% Down Under after the conservative government infuriated musicians by making Australia one of the world's first major English-language economies to open its music…

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