Review: ‘Gene’


His bandmates outperformed most of the English bands that have come through town of late, playing Roxy Music-style sweeps and Alarm-like crescendos with a riveting flair and enthusiasm. Guitarist…

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Review: ‘Moby’


The lights are inspired by a traffic accident scene in a lightning storm. The percussion is straight from a prison riot. And the whole event feels like a documentary of those moments preceding death…

Review: ‘Orb’


The folks who have to market the few "faces" of the generally anonymous techno and ambient dance genres probably view Orb's performances as a throwback to Fillmore light shows in the '60s and…

Review: ‘Al Green’


MCA has scheduled Al Green's return to secular recording for October. Should that disc -- completed but not yet titled -- reflect the power and fervent range of his R&B hits/gospel revue, Green will…

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