Boys bounce back


The two-month tug-of-war for honors as the bestselling album in the nation continued last week with the Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" returning to the top spot after a one-week absence, according to…

Review: ‘REM’


Velvet Goldmine," the bomb of a film that Michael Stipe executive produced more than a year ago, must have taught him a lesson about rock 'n' roll: It ain't all that serious. Eighteen years after REM…

Review: ‘Al Kooper’


It would be a stretch to call Al Kooper one of rock's overlooked masters, but the 40-year veteran has certainly built up a body of work expansive enough to be considered one of the music's master…

Review: ‘Rodelinda’


Founded in 1947 by legendary soprano Lotte Lehmann, Santa Barbara's Music Academy of the West produces a summer workshop and festival that's ever-growing and ever more cherishable. And while Lehmann…

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