Santana tops for 3rd week


Santana's "Supernatural" logged its third consecutive week at No. 1 on the U.S. pop album charts and reached a record one-week haul of just under 200,000 copies sold, the group's Arista Records label…

Review: ‘Yes’


Veteran progressive rockers Yes can these days be counted on for solid live appearances that feature the best of their classic '70s compositions along with a generous helping of their occasionally…

Review: ‘Pet Shop Boys’


The Pet Shop Boys' highly theatrical concert was divided with calculated neatness, placing 10 hard-edged familiar tracks in the first 50 minutes and using the post-intermission spread for a far wider…

Review: ‘Dracula’


By inflicting his new full-length musical score upon Tod Browning's archetypal throat-clutcher -- the first and best of all the "Dracula" talkies -- composer Philip Glass has found a way to convert…

WB Records drives Bentley


Bill Bentley has been named senior vice president of media relations for Warner Bros. Records, where he will oversee all aspects of the department, along with his East Coast counterpart, Karen Moss.

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