Review: ‘Ojai Festival’


Tucked into a valley northeast of Ventura (which served filmmaker Frank Capra as a site for the original version of "Lost Horizon"), the town of Ojai (population 7,500) is no more than a 90-minute…

Review: ‘Van Morrison’


In a sprawling introduction to much of his new Pointblank album "Back on Top," Van Morrison made an ambitious run at cementing himself as the Belfast Bluesman in front of an overly enthusiastic crowd.

Boys’ beat goes on


For the second consecutive week, the Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" was the bestselling album in the nation, with more than 621,000 copies of the disc going home with fans, according to sales data…

Review: ‘Blondie’


The reunited Blondie overcame early sound problems at the near-full Universal Amphitheatre -- part of the influential group's first U.S. tour in 16 years -- and offered a program that did articulate…

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