Review: ‘Hallelujah!’


The strength, to date, of the inaugural world music series at the Hollywood Bowl has been found in the exploration of the indigenous and exotic. Save for Brazilian Carlinhos Brown, whose music is an…

Boys bounce back


The two-month tug-of-war for honors as the bestselling album in the nation continued last week with the Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" returning to the top spot after a one-week absence, according to…

Review: ‘Al Kooper’


It would be a stretch to call Al Kooper one of rock's overlooked masters, but the 40-year veteran has certainly built up a body of work expansive enough to be considered one of the music's master…

Review: ‘REM’


Velvet Goldmine," the bomb of a film that Michael Stipe executive produced more than a year ago, must have taught him a lesson about rock 'n' roll: It ain't all that serious. Eighteen years after REM…

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