Review: 'Jill Scott'


At a time when so many pop performers get by on special effects and dance moves, Jill Scott dazzles with her superlative vocals and songs. At the first of her three sold-out shows at the House of…


Sammy Hagar

Review: 'Sammy Hagar'


Party master Sammy Hagar knows there's only one way to rock, and that's with an electric guitar in one hand and a cocktail in the other. At Universal on Friday, the flashy veteran singer and his band…

Review: 'Martin Sexton'


Combining folk, jazz, gospel and blues, Boston-based singer and songwriter Martin Sexton has attracted a passionate following. Like Phish and the Dave Matthews Band, he's done it while remaining…

Review: 'Keb' Mo''


Labeled a blues man for his ability to finger-pick in the styles of Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt, Keb' Mo' continues to buck that notion by cementing some funk roots to frame the joyful…

Bon Jovi

Review: 'Bon Jovi'


Lots of bands give shows in hockey arenas, but few groups manage to sound as good playing in such large venues as New Jersey's Bon Jovi, whose 16 years of hit-making made for an enjoyable Saturday…

Review: 'Richard Lloyd'


When folks spin tales about the early days of New York's punk scene, Television guitarist Richard Lloyd often gets short shrift -- even though his searing, angular solos were as important to the…

Review: 'La Boheme'


Third time around, the youthful ingenuity of Herbert Ross' 1993 reinvention of Puccini's evergreen weeper seemed to have lost something along the way. A less than top-notch cast bore some of the…

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