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Orgs eye harmony in pix


The Film Music Network (FMN), a professional org for the film and television music industry, and the indie Assn. of Independent Feature Film Producers (AIFFP), which reps more than 20,000 filmmakers…

Anschutz tunes up


Concerts West, which handles major concerts at the Staples Center, has purchased most of the assets of Goldenvoice, L.A.'s premier promoter of concerts at smaller venues.


EMusic to sue Napster


Napster just can't seem to make its legal troubles go away: Online music company on Wednesday joined the laundry list of companies suing the song-swapping company for unfair competition as…

Review: ‘Doves’


The latest hot-ticket Brit-rock show to hit town was this sold-out L.A. debut on Tuesday by the Doves, Manchester's latest answer to the Beatles and Smiths, Oasis and Radiohead. And while the Doves…

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