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Review: ‘Ray Price’


Ray Price was not blessed with a classically perfect voice. His range is moderate, his propensity for flash practically nonexistent. But despite, or perhaps because of, those limitations, the Texan…

Eminem’s hat trick


For the third straight week, Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" (Aftermath/Interscope) retains the top spot on the national music charts, according to sales data released Wednesday.

Sounds fine for U Music


The possible marriage of Vivendi and Seagram is music to the ears of Universal Music Intl., per its chairman and CEO Jorgen Larsen. "It is not us following the AOL/Time Warner model, it's moving the…

Review: ‘Steely Dan’


Discerning Steely Dan observers pride themselves on being able to identify the distinctions that separate the years and assemblages that turned out an armful of classic rock in the 1970s. The leaders…

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