Zomba shows Ingenuity


Zomba Music, home of teen-pop powerhouse label Jive Records, has launched Ingenuity Entertainment, a full-service management company for artists, composers, music editors and music supervisors in the…


Review: 'David Byrne'


David Byrne is about the closest thing modern pop music has to Woody Allen's "Zelig." He's traversed the landscapes of new wave, tribal dance and Brasiliana, absorbing plenty but leaving barely a…

Review: 'Blink-182'


Aside from new haircuts, very little has changed in the world of pop-punkers Blink-182. The SoCal trio's Hollywood show Friday oozed with the same irresistible, breezy songs and harmless potty-mouth…

Review: 'Living Colour'


Very little has changed with Living Colour. Once hailed as a grand mating of the Bad Brains and Van Halen, Living Colour is still pretty much mining the same lode, with the decoration of a few snazzy…

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