Review: ‘P.O.D.’


San Diego-based hard rockers P.O.D. have been around for the better part of eight years, releasing a number of indie albums and steadily touring around the West Coast, in the process becoming one of…

Review: ‘Grand Slam’


A grand example of the whole having a distinctly different value than that of its parts combined, Grand Slam brings out a side of the woodwind player Joe Lovano that isn't necessarily used when he is…


Review: ‘BBMak’


Finally, a pop boy band that has all the bases covered. Not only are all three members of England's BBMak pinup-level cute, they all sing well, they mostly write their own songs, they all play…

Review: ‘Green Umbrella’


When Esa-Pekka Salonen announced his sabbatical from the L.A. Philharmonic podium (interrupted several times during the year but officially ending on Dec. 31), the proffered reason was his desire to…

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