Geography lessons


"Community" is a significant buzzword in the cyberage, a suggestion that the online world can bring together like-minded individuals in a way the U.S. hasn't seen since it abandoned town squares and…

Under the influence


Innovation in the streaming-music sector is back on track ... and the giants are winning. Streaming locker services are beginning to pepper the digital music landscape, and the one thing they have in…

Review: ‘El Nino’


Any suggestion that John Adams is America's finest composer will incur no crossfire in this corner. Just the works of the past two years amply demonstrate his mastery and command over an astonishing…

Review: ‘Dave Alvin’


The taming of folk music and taking a shot at returning it to the wild was a revisited theme at the first of two Neighborhood Church perfs by Dave Alvin. The singer-songwriter's 20 years-plus of…

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