Review: ‘Toadies’


It's been five years since the Dallas quartet Toadies released an album or toured, but when they hit the stage of the Troubadour (to the strains of "Jesus Christ Superstar") and dove headlong into…

Review: ‘Minibar’


Brit bands almost always have an easier time than Yanks of grasping the intricacies of the Laurel Canyon sound that ushered in a new era of folk rock in the late 1960s. American acceptance has been…

Review: ‘Train’


With the dark chiseled looks of a soap opera villain, Train's Pat Monahan leered his way though the band's one-hour set, thrusting his hips and teasing the enthusiastic, sold- out house. Lust is…

Global tunes swoon


Global music sales were down 1.3% to $37 billion in 2000, the first year on record the worldwide record industry has slumped. The downturn in the U.S. market was the main culprit; the world's biggest…

DiFranco bow is Righteous


Ani DiFranco, who self-releases her albums on Righteous Babe Records, had the biggest debut of the week, selling 37,000 copies of her new two-CD set, "Revelling/Reckoning." It is her 15th full-length…

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