Review: ‘Train’


With the dark chiseled looks of a soap opera villain, Train's Pat Monahan leered his way though the band's one-hour set, thrusting his hips and teasing the enthusiastic, sold- out house. Lust is…

Global tunes swoon


Global music sales were down 1.3% to $37 billion in 2000, the first year on record the worldwide record industry has slumped. The downturn in the U.S. market was the main culprit; the world's biggest…

DiFranco bow is Righteous


Ani DiFranco, who self-releases her albums on Righteous Babe Records, had the biggest debut of the week, selling 37,000 copies of her new two-CD set, "Revelling/Reckoning." It is her 15th full-length…

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