Review: 'Claudia Acuna'


The squeaky -- or octave-leaping, at the very least -- wheel often seems to get the grease in the realm of jazz vocalists. But despite a steadfast refusal to resort to histrionics, Chilean-born…


Review: 'Terry Riley'


At its best, the music of West Coast composer Terry Riley can feel like a spontaneous revelation, that moment when heretofore unseen patterns emerge, floating to the surface in timeless dreamlike…

Review: 'Boney James'


Onstage, the saxophonist Boney James refers to his R&B pieces as grooves. He's dead-on correct in that as his compositions are consistently broad and bouncy rump-shakers that demand an uncommon…

Review: 'Incubus'


The skyrocketing fortunes of the Calabasas, Calif.-based funk-metal band Incubus -- the quintet is now selling out basketball arenas from coast to coast and in Europe -- is sometimes difficult to…

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