Review: ‘LL Cool J’


Underlining his enviable position as a rapper with a still-healthy 17-year track record, LL Cool J barked to a packed house: "I came to the House of Blues to prove I'm still LL Cool J," and proceeded…

Review: ‘Marah’


Just about every band with a copy of "Marx for Dummies" on its bookshelf has tried to don the "Only Band That Matters" mantle that the Clash shrugged off some years back. It's been significantly more…

Review: ‘Solomon Burke’


Many things have gone unchanged in a secular Solomon Burke show over the past 2½ decades -- the medleys, the sanctifying, the tributes to old soul singers, the purity of his delivery. As he mounts a…

VH1 rocking with revamp


Newly installed VH1 toppers Brian Graden and Christina Norman are moving quickly to put their stamp on the struggling music cabler, greenlighting an aggressive fall slate of series and specs aimed at…

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